Balancing family and career

A good work-life balance is equally important for both employees and companies. At familizy by pop e poppa, we offer customised work-life balance solutions to help you and your employees find the balance needed for a happy and healthy life.

Facts about work-life balance

Up to 400%

of return on investment (ROI)

Up to 70%

faster return to work after pregnancy

Over 70%

better career opportunities

Work-life balance: a success factor for companies and employees

A poor work-life balance can have negative consequences for both employees and employers. Employees who do not have an adequate work-life balance are more prone to stress, conflict, burnout and health problems, which can lead to increased absence and staff turnover. These consequences affect work performance and reduce employee satisfaction and productivity.

This is why companies that offer their employees a good work-life balance will benefit in the long term from higher employee loyalty, lower absences and increased productivity. familizy by pop e poppa supports companies and their employees in overcoming challenges related to family and work, such as finding childcare or organizing care for family members. This allows parents and families to concentrate fully on their work while their needs and obligations at home are met.

Employee assistance measures

It is undisputed that employees' private and family situations have a direct influence on their performance, motivation and loyalty. For this reason, flexible working models and support for employees with private problems are now the norm. With familizy by pop e poppa, we cover many different areas:

Massnahmen der Mitarbeiterunterstützung

Frequently asked Questions

What are the signs of a poor work-life balance?

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Signs can include working too much, constantly working overtime, a lack of leisure activities and a lack of time for family and friends.

Why is work-life balance important?

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A good work-life balance is essential for well-being and health. Companies that offer their employees a good work-life balance can benefit in the long term from higher employee loyalty, lower absence rates and increased productivity.

What can familizy do to help achieve a better work-life balance?

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familizy offers support services such as childcare, care & help with illness, flexible working hours, flexible workplaces and household and gardening services. Companies can use these services to create a better work-life balance for their employees.

How can you contact us?

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You can contact us via the contact form or arrange a meeting directly.

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