About us

familizy supports companies and organisations, employees and families in their quest for a better work-life balance.


A vision to share.

We believe that the future of an inclusive and sustainable society is built at the heart of today’s organizations and families.

To support this evolution, we are committed to enable positive work-life blending for families and businesses in Switzerland.

We therefore partner with companies and communities who care for the well-being of their employees while fostering diversity and talent development.

Our values

Our mission: making your life easy.

familizy provides concrete and personnalised solutions that make your daily life easier: places in daycare centers, childcare during school holidays, nanny recrutement, tutoring and education, assistance for elder parents, support for family caregivers, life coaching, housekeeping services, family office…and much more.

We inform, advise, assist and find the optimal solution for each family, bringing peace of mind at each step of their life journey.

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Close to you, in total confidence, since more than 25 years.

The familizy consultants advise employees on work-life balance solutions throughout Switzerland in German, French, English and Italian. They have a proven track record of concrete solutions provided for all types of family situations.

Our knowledge base is constantly updated, as we build capacity within our teams and through our daily cooperation with professional and institutional networks at local, cantonal and national level.

Our values



We offer a unique set of skills and a blend of proven professional experiences in advising companies and in counseling families.



We are committed to long-term relationships, to provide concrete solutions and to work in close partnership with our clients.



We are open-minded listeners, we understand your situation and your specific needs while searching for your tailored solutions.



We stay curious to anticipate the expectations of tomorrow's society, while constantly developing agile and innovative services.

What our clients say about us

My experience with familizy was always great. I know I can count on the team whenever I need support!

C. A. / Food company

Best service ever!

J. C. / Food company

Consultant took time to understand my situation, ask questions and go in detail through the options.

S. S. / Food company