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About us
About us

Nanny,Kindergartenor a mix of solutions?

my kids
my kids

Support for parentsand familycaregivers?

my parents
my parents

Need helpto keep yourhome tidy?

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my home

Work-lifecoaching andcounseling?

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my life

Ideas and solutions to improve your work-life balance.

When life speeds up, the family grows, or a parent faces illness, meeting professional challenges at the same time can be difficult.

In Switzerland, many companies support their employees by offering various services in the fields of childcare, education, eldercare, home help, family management and personal development.

At Familizy we inform, advice and support families at every step of their life journey.

Some of our services are also available to private customers.

Why Familizy?


A blend of experience and expertise brought to you by a dedicated team of consultants.


Tailored, concrete and efficient solutions to facilitate your daily life.


Personal and long lasting relationships with our clients


Access to a password-protected platform with constantly updated information and publications.


A unique EAP for every organisation, aligned with your strategic priorities, co-designed and monitored.


Close to you everywhere in Switzerland, multicultural and connected to all professional networks.

Why Familizy?

In close partnership with companies and organizations.

We work with companies to develop tailor-made Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that offer the full range of Familizy services to their employees.

Do not hesitate to contact your Human Resources department to find out more about your “Work-Life Balance” benefits.

They trust us

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