EAP – Employee Assistance Program

EAP with familizy - Aligned with your CSR strategy and priorities, your EAP will foster employees’ engagement and loyalty while enhancing your employer brand.


Made for you

Tailored to your needs, your program integrates the socio-cultural, geographical and business specificities of your company. It is aligned with your CSR strategy and enriches your human resources development policy.

Thanks to our concrete and local solutions, you support women’s careers, encourage commitment, inclusion and diversity as well as the integration of new recruits.

You offer your employees quick, personalised and free access to services that facilitate their daily lives and those of their families, while supporting their loyalty and performance.

Calling on Familizy also brings relief to your HR team, as they get less questions about work-life balance solutions from your employees.


Our prepaid-packages

Choose from one of our 360° service packages. Depends on the company’s size, the selected areas and the desired outcome, one or the other will fit your needs. From EAP Mirco, EAP Medium up to EAP Premium, there is a deal for every organization available.


The packages are including:

  • Support, consulting, research and recruitment
  • Access to the “my-familizy” portal
  • Quarterly reports
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Support of your internal communication on-site and online
  • Preferential allocation within the pop e poppa nursery and daycare centres
  • 1st month for free within the pop e poppa nursery and daycare centres for your employees


Contact us – together, we will find the right solution.


Impacts of an EAP

  • More productive presence at work
  • Higher commitment & loyalty of employees
  • Less absenteeism (incl. after maternity leave)
  • Promote women’s talent, diversity and inclusion
  • Better integration of new employees, especially expats
  • Less stress and strain on teams
  • More life satisfaction of employees (work-life balance)
  • Positive employer branding and CSR
  • HR team relief
  • Return on investment from 8 to 25%.

A partnership built on true commitment and open communication.

We believe in co-created, agile, and flexible solutions that benefit both your company and your employees. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and engaged in effective cooperation.

Hence we stay constantly in touch with your HR team to provide ad-hoc services and adapt your EAP throughout the year.

Together we monitor the utilization of the services and adjust the scope accordingly. We share employees’ feedback on new needs they may express along the way.





You want to learn more?

For a detailed presentation of our EAP and our services, please contact us.

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What our clients say about us

My experience with familizy was always great. I know I can count on the team whenever I need support!

C. A. / Food company

Best service ever!

J. C. / Food company

Consultant took time to understand my situation, ask questions and go in detail through the options.

S. S. / Food company