The compatibility of work and family life

A good work-life balance is equally important for employees and companies.

The compatibility of work and family life

Familizy offers you tailored EAP solutions to help you and your employees find the balance needed for a happy and healthy life.

Work-life balance: The key to success for companies and employees.

A poor work-life balance can have a negative impact on both employees and employers. Employees who do not have sufficient work-life balance are more prone to stress, burnout and health problems, which can lead to higher absenteeism and staff turnover. At the same time, conflicts in one’s personal life can cause conflicts in the workplace and affect work performance


Work-life imbalance increases stress and leads to poorer work performance, burnout and conflicts.


Work-life imbalance can lead to conflicts in one’s personal life and at work, and that can affect work performance.

Sleep disorders

Work-life imbalance can cause sleep disorders, which can affect health and work performance and lead to a higher risk of illness.

Employers may be affected by a lack of work-life balance in the form of higher costs, lower employee satisfaction and lower productivity. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to promote work-life balance and, if necessary, provide selective support through elements of the employee assistance programme. By promoting work-life balance, employers and employees can benefit from higher work performance, lower absenteeism and reduced costs.

Reconciling family and career – everyone wins

A good work-life balance is essential for well-being and health. Companies that offer their employees a good work-life balance can benefit in the long term from higher employee retention, lower absenteeism and increased productivity. Familizy supports companies and their employees in overcoming challenges related to family and work, such as finding childcare or organising care for family members. This allows parents and families to concentrate fully on their work while their needs and obligations at home are met.

Measurable benefits of a healthy work-life balance

Successful companies need an innovative and modern human resources policy. That’s right! That includes real services for balancing work and family life.

This boosts your reputation as an employer and has a positive impact on recruitment, absenteeism and staff turnover. Employees are able to feel more relaxed and motivated thanks to reliable, high-quality care for their children.


A few numbers on benefits

Return on investment (ROI) of over 200%

Up to 70% faster return to work after pregnancy.

Employee support measures

It is beyond question that employees’ personal and family situations have a direct influence on their performance, motivation and loyalty. For this reason, flexible working models and support for employees with personal issues have become commonplace.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Offers for stress prevention

Health Management

Childcare measures

Support in case of need for assistance or care

Flexible work location

Flexible working hours

Support for people returning to work

Household services

Flexible work organization

Mobility assistance service

Advice on crisis topics


EAPs offer a variety of services, such as counselling, coaching and stressmanagement resources. This may include special programmes aimed at solving stress-related workplace problems.

The signs can be overworking, constant overtime, lack of leisure activities and not having time for family and friends.

The causes of work-life imbalance can be long working hours, stress, lack of support at work, lack of flexibility and family responsibilities.

Yes, flexible working hours can help employees to achieve work-life balance. They allow employees to adapt their work to their personal commitments and give them greater freedom and control over their working time.

Familizy offers support services such as childcare, care in illness, flexible working hours, flexible work locations as well as household and gardening services. Companies can use these services to create work-life balance for their employees.

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