Daycare centres at work and permanent daycare centres places

Successful companies need an innovative and modern human resources policy. To this end, we offer solutions together with pop e poppa and amalthée, so employees can truly have the compatibility of work and family life.

Daycare centres at work and permanent daycare centres places

With our three brands familizy, pop e poppa and amalthée, we are broadly represented in the childcare sector and offer individual solutions:

  • Daycare centre according to your wishes for your employees? Adapted to their needs and built on the experience of over 60 daycare centres throughout Switzerland?
  • Permanent places for your employees? Reserve places exclusively for your employees in the largest daycare centre network in Switzerland. From Geneva to Schaffhausen, with over 60 daycare centres
  •  Flexible childcare vouchers for your employees? We create individual voucher or similar administration systems for the financial support of your employees

We are committed to the compatibility of work and family life every day and to putting children, parents and employees first


Our expertise

  • No. 1 in childcare with pop e poppa for 15 years
  • 20 years’ expertise in administration with amalthée
  • No. 1 in advising companies on the compatibility of work and family life for 25 years

Our network

  • Daycare centre network pop e poppa, with 60 daycare centres across Switzerland
  • 2,200 spots across Switzerland
  • Daycare centres certified for quality & eco-friendliness
  • Daycare centres with educational concept adapted to local requirements (Montessori, Pi-kler…)

Our offering in detail

  • Decision-making and needs assessment studies
  • Support with the strategy and development of care facilities
  • Set-up and operation of your individual company daycare centre
  • Daycare centre at work
  • Childcare voucher for companies
  • Franchise system to be set up abroad
  • Setting up, managing and verifying childcare vouchers
  • Support of administration systems for municipalities
  • Permanent daycare centre places in the pop e poppa network

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