my parents

Solutions for elderly parents or family members in need of support, relief for caregivers, home help...

my parents

Are you caring for an elderly, sick or disabled parent and in need of advice?

Familizy informs you about all the available options and concrete solutions.

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Are you looking for a care facility for an elderly or sick parent?

Familizy helps you finding a place matching your situation and your needs.

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Are you looking for a caregiver who can assist an elderly or disabled parent at home?

Familizy recruits your in-home caregiver, even in urgent situations.

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A sympathetic ear and solutions adapted for the whole family.

Faced with ageing, illness, or disability, we are often helpless, lost in an administrative, financial, and technical maze.

Your Familizy consultant knows how to deal with the situation in a holistic way. She/he helps you to understand the options more clearly and offers concrete solutions that are adapted to your family situation and to the preferences of the person concerned.

Familizy informs and advises you, particularly on

  • Analysis of the needs and expectations, the situation of the elderly or sick parent, their degree of autonomy and their family, social, geographical and financial context.
  • Personalized consulting: discussion on all possible options for care or assistance, in institutions, in the a nearby facility, at home, considering the financial and family situation as well as the preferences of the person concerned.
  • Up-to-date information on all matters related to old age, illness, disability, autonomy, dependency, and end of life care.
  • Search for places in care facilities and specialized institutions
  • Care and assistance offered by associative or public structures
  • Self-help organizations (foundations, associations)
  • Various activities for family caregivers and seniors: courses, workshops, meetings, leisure activities etc.
  • Psychological support and solutions for family caregivers
  • Search and recruitment of a domestic help, full or part-time, contracts on an hourly basis or fixed monthly salary (long term and urgent situations).
  • Information and guidance on administrative, social and legal issues: administrative and social formalities, employment contract, salary slip, social contributions, AVS, accident insurance, pension fund, loss of earnings insurance, withholding tax, work permits, etc.

See also our Private Admin Service who can take care, on your behalf, of all formalities related to the employment of a nanny or household help with the various social and local agencies

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Familizy’s priority is to advise the employees of its partner companies. They offer our services to their employees, according to the specific terms and conditions of each organization.

If your company is already a Familizy partner, you may login directly to your dedicated space on our extranet “my-familizy”.

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