30. October, the Swiss Day for caregivers

October 29, 2020 R.S.

Every year, relatives in Switzerland spend many millions of hours of unpaid work on providing care and nursing for loved ones. Countless women and men look after and care for their family members, usually discreetly in the background. Through their commitment, they support also our health system.

« Relative caregivers regularly support a person who is impaired in their health or autonomy in everyday life. »

The year 2020 has brought new challenges and difficulties with the coronavirus pandemic. Sometimes support services for people who were ill, disabled or in need of care were no longer available. Many friends and family relatives became care givers. But people stuck together and showed solidarity. The caring relatives showed once again that they are invaluable for our society. They supported, accompanied and cared for sick and disabled family members even in this difficult time. For this they deserve our  gratitude and respect.

On 30th October 2020 Switzerland says Thank you!

The commitment of caring and nursing relatives is in the spotlight on this day. In various regions, activities for caring relatives take place during the day.

In Switzerland, many companies support their employees by offering various services in the fields of eldercare, home help or family management. To learn more about our Familizy services for care givers please call us on 0840 808 808.

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Information from the Swiss government: Support for relatives providing care and nursing

30. October, the Swiss Day for caregivers