Discover the pop e poppa Kindergarten

November 22, 2022

Strong partnership since 2016

Thanks to the partnership between familizy and pop e poppa, all employees of familizy’s partner companies benefit from direct and priority access to the largest daycare network in Switzerland! In addition, familizy gives families their first month of childcare at a pop e poppa daycare center for free.

The daycare centers also benefit from the service provided by familizy and the large pool of competent professionals. For example, if a staff member is absent and a replacement is needed, the familizy consulting team provides a specialist.

pop e poppa is the largest Swiss network in childcare and from Geneva to Schaffhausen with daycare centers, playgroups and daycare centers, an important part of the family complementary care. In total, pop e poppa operates 56 childcare facilities in eight different cantons.

Find your suitable daycare center here or contact your customer advisor for more information.

Discover the pop e poppa Kindergarten