Person auf Wanderweg in freier Natur

Activate the „Indoor-Generation“ for outdoor activities

November 1, 2022

There are no more restrictions, people can move freely again since a while. But do we also spend more time outdoor, next to the rivers or in the forests to recover? How can we use this natural surrounding with the family or after a long working day?

Today we are talking about it with Diane Hofstetter, outdoor guide, founder of and director of the foundation Human and Nature.


Familizy: Diane, after the pandemic there was a run for outdoor activities in the nature, hiking, visiting lakes and exploring the forests. Do you have the same impression?

Of course, I can just talk about my region, the Jura north Vaudois! That’s the region between Yverdon, Lausanne and Vallée de Joux. We have noticed a couple of changes: higher tourist traffic during holidays and weekends. Before, there were just a handfull of people coming here, now there are big groups coming and campers. Also, the littering is more present such as the unofficial fireplaces in the forests or next to the lake of Joux. I do think during the lock-down, people re-discovered the beauty of the nature, far away from the town centers.


Familizy: What are your goals with the new foundation Human and Nature, founded end of 2020?

Our activities are based on 3 pillars: Wonder, hope and self-awareness. Within that, we have five goals:

  • RE-CONNECT people with the nature.
  • Inspire the love AND wonder of the living
  • Promote SENSITIVE knowledge about natural habitats
  • Develop a 360 – consciousness for nature
  • REALIZE and SUPPORT projects with educational, artistic or scientific goals


Familizy: Why do you offer special programs for families and kids?

Because the kid is the adult of tomorrow. The kid will inheritate the world. That is why we do think it is important to have a good connection with nature starting in the early years of life. Bringing the parents on board means to show them that we can change our behaviour for good. The parents are always an example for the little ones and it normally also triggers the adults positive kids memories of playing outside, run around in the forest, be active outdoor. Being outside on the nature also has a positive effect on body and soul. And we are not just talking about hiking or biking: We do outdoor night camping, outdoor art workshops, theme days, nomad travels, prepare a whole lunch over the fireplace, treasure hunting etc.


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Activate the „Indoor-Generation“ for outdoor activities