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my kids

Are you looking for the best childcare solution for your kid?

Familizy finds daycare centers and other childcare structures that meet your priority criteria.

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You wish to hire a nanny at home?

Familizy helps you defining the ideal profile and proposes qualified candidates.

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Are you looking for holiday activities for your children?

Familizy offers you a choice of activities for all ages and all tastes.

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Have more choices, save time, be well-guided.

Your Familizy consultant knows all the local childcare structures and the full scope of childcare solutions available in your area.

Finding the best option that meets your child’s needs, your family situation as well as your professional requirements is a challenge that we are happy to take up with you.

Familizy informs and advises you in particular on

  • Places in daycare centers, nurseries, kindergartens, extracurricular activities, drop-in centers.
  • Places in extra-curricular facilities: canteens, before/afterschool structures.
  • Places in childcare structures for special-needs children
  • Connections with information agencies (social services, municipalities, networks, etc.)
  • Search for day-moms via networks, certified day-moms
  • Pre-registrations, registrations, and follow-up of applications at Daycare centers and networks
  • Assistance in urgent situations, places in urgent childcare facilities
  • Childcare during school holidays
  • Recruitment of a nanny for a long-term contract, full or part-time, live-in, emergency nanny, nanny sharing.
  • Determining your selection criteria, recruitment, interviews, shortlist and presentation of applications
  • Practical advice for optimal collaboration with the nanny and follow-up.
  • Information and guidance on administrative, social and legal issues: administrative and social formalities, employment contract, salary slip, social contributions, AVS, accident insurance, pension fund, loss of earnings insurance, withholding tax, work permits, etc.
  • See also our Private Admin Service who can take care, on your behalf, of all formalities related to the employment of a nanny or household help with the various social and local agencies.
  • Public/Private Schools: schooling, enrolment, bilingual programs, private school places, etc.
  • Assistance during the year: English language activities for children, tutoring, etc.
  • Educational counselling, psychology, and child development.
  • Holiday camps, language stays, edutainment, and sport activities, etc.
  • Online Kids Club: facilitated by a Familizy nanny, 3 to 4 days per week, 1,5 hours. For kids from 5 to 10 years, group of 5 to 6 per session. A variety of activities around a central theme.

Interested in our services?

Familizy’s priority is to advise the employees of its partner companies. They offer our services to their employees, according to the specific terms and conditions of each organization.

If your company is already a Familizy partner, you may login directly to your dedicated space on our extranet “my-familizy”.

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