Tailored Employee Assistance Programs

Aligned with your CSR strategy and priorities, your EAP will foster employees’ engagement and loyalty while enhancing your employer brand.


A unique Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In co-design with you, we define and implement a fully tailored EAP that is inspired by your corporate culture and your specific business profile.

Aligned with your Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies it will enhance your Employer Brand and increase employee engagement.


Shared benefits

You offer your employees a range of services that facilitate their daily life while at the same time improving their focus and commitment at work.

You support diversity and inclusion, as well as female career development and better integration of newcomers, including expats and their families.

A partnership built on true commitment and open communication.

We believe in co-created, agile, and flexible solutions that benefit both your company and your employees. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and engaged in effective cooperation.

Hence we stay constantly in touch with your HR team to provide ad-hoc services and adapt your EAP throughout the year.

Together we monitor the utilization of the services and adjust the scope accordingly. We share employees’ feedback on new needs they may express along the way.





What’s an EAP

by Familizy?


A fully customized EAP that shows results

An EAP takes the form of an annually renewable service agreement. You define your objectives, the scope of the benefits you want to offer your employees and the geographical territory to cover. Together we craft the best package of services for you.

Familizy takes care of all inquiries that employees address to us directly and in full confidence.

You get regular updates on service utilization enabling you to control and align your budget along the year.


Join our tribe!

Through your Familizy membership, you get access to our “my-familizy” password protected online platform where employees find additional information, ready-to-use documents to download as well as webinars on various themes. You also get access to special offers in our pop e poppa crèches.

We draft an internal communications plan with your HR team and provide you with a range of print and online tools to help you promote your EAP.

Our newsroom will keep you updated on latest trends around work-life balance and on our new services.

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